In 1996, we hosted our first Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction.  It was held in a hay field. The art was hung in an old, surplus, army tent. Richard personally invited, and may have even “begged” artists to participate. To top it off, Richard sold his own painting by standing in the bed of a pickup truck in order to get reception on his cell phone! Having said all that, we raised more money for our volunteer fire department that year than in any of the previous twenty years of our existence!

Every year since that time we learned a little more and became a little more successful. Although Richard and his wife, Nancy Guzik, moved out of our area some years ago, they both have continued to enthusiastically support our auction every year. Since its humble beginnings in 1996, over 1,250 pieces of fine original art have been auctioned for a total of over $1.7 million, generating over $650,000 to support our RIST CANYON Volunteer Fire Department.

We thank the many artists who have contributed to our efforts over the years. We thank the many patrons who have joined us on many Sundays  of Labor Day past weekends and purchased art.

And, most of all, we thank our internationally known artist, author, neighbor, friend and fundraising visionary, Richard Schmid!